Trading Robots Are Increasingly Prevalent Is How To Distinguish Between Real And Worth A Watch – Platform trading robot is now more drying and easy to found the community. Start of a crypto trading, forex, commodities.

One of the trading robot is the Auto Trade Gold (ATG), which offers the sale of a trading robot that will help investors collect the profit through trading gold. Refer to the pages of the website, the investor who bought the robot can enjoy it for a lifetime.

By using robots, Expert Advisors (EA) focus ATG will be looking for a gain of 0.5% – 3% a day with the failure of the maximum to 3%. In addition, they claim will give compounds automatically.

Refer to the explanation on its website, EA is software or algorithm script that can be added in the forex trading platform with the purpose of the application will be run automatically or do transactions buy and Sell without the manual of the user.

So the user only monitor, while the EA automatically controlled by the IT team of the ATG.

Sales boots are also diverse, adapting to the capabilities of each. For level 1, the Capacity of trade, US$ 110 to US $ 500, and then give the compound auto to 0.01 many of 0.05 and the price is us$ 100 or US $ 1.5 million.

While for the robot to level 5, the trading capacity can reach us$ 10 million and auto compound 1.000 much. That Robot price 3,500 Dollars. 52.5 million dollars. try looking in this company by calling the number listed on the website

“We have set one more year with robot users hundreds of thousands . When using ATG, the user just shut up, all the robots do the trading, buying and selling, ” says the admin ATG who do not want to mention his name is, Monday (11/10).

He explains again, Transactions using ATG, the user must have a deposit of$ 100 so the bot is still running.

If the funds withdrawn exceed the deposit, then the bot will be dead and can no longer perform the transaction. So when they want to do the transaction again in ATG, the user must buy a new robot again.

Based on the data submitted by admin that, he claimed advantages obtained by the user ATG each month on average is in the range of 14% -16%.

While on a daily basis, since the last one year, historically, losses ATG only happened 11 times, from 240 times more trading.

In addition, there is also a robot called Robot Sparta swap with forex assets. The same case with ATG, robot Sparta also claims users only buy the robot, then the entire transaction will be done from the robot and the user only life receive the benefits without having to do any trading.

Robot Sparta offers three transactions, namely EUR, GBP, and gold. Third the cost of the minimum deposit OF $ 250 with the amount of top up a minimum of US$ 100. However, the robot Sparta apply a distribution of profits by 85% for users and 15% for technology PT automatically Rocket as a manager.

However, for earnings on the Sparta of the Robot is carried out once every two weeks, if a withdrawal is made before two weeks will be subject to a 5% fee. Meanwhile, the Robot Sparta claim can restore 8-15% per month.

Observers and practitioners from both Desmond Wira said, using Trading Robots require special skills, especially for parameter setting. In addition to the necessary skills, you also need to provide a special server called a VPS (virtual private server) so that the robot could walk 24 hours.

Desmond appeal to investors who will use the robot to be careful to choose so don’t be fooled abal-abal robot.

According to him, the Robot Trading original is to have a file in the form of EAHIRI (Expert Advisors) and have the extension mql4 or ex4 MetaTrader 4 or mql5 or ex5 in MetaTrader 5.

Then, the robot should be used in the forex Broker at which the course. Third, it must be installed first on the computer or server.

“If I find the offer of the robot which does not exist file and installed by the manager, and can only be used in a certain broker is not clear regulations, there is a system of MLM and promising huge profits, then it should be on the alert,” he said.

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