Get Benefits $ On Microsoft Excel

Edos – Benefits $ On Microsoft Excel, Some of the benefits of $ on ms excel not many people know, whereas $ on ms excel is very useful for the benefit of work.

For the temperature may already be familiar with the formulas of Microsoft Excel applications. Microsoft Excel may have been introduced at the time of school dibangku on one of the subjects.

although you have heard this information, perhaps there are those who do not understand about this application so here the admin will review the benefits of $ In Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft applications launched in 1987, many companies such as accounting or administration require mastering the operation of Microsoft Office Excel.

There are so many basic formulas that can be used such as, SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and many basic excel formulas that can be learned.

But on this occasion, the admin will review a little how to use $ in Microsoft Excel.

Let’s go straight to the subject about the benefits of $ In Microsoft Excel or the dollar function in EXCEL formulas :

Benefits $ On Microsoft Excel

Referring to the figure above, to multiply the column C7 x D2 X F2 the result is stored in the column D7 to D13.

if in Column D7 you enter manually like C7 * D2 * F2, then the result will be wrong, then the way we have to lock it in columns C7 and F2.

The correct writing in Column D7 is as follows: $C $ 7 * D2 * $F$2, well the result will be correct, just slide it down to D13.

Well that’s while the admin can convey, hopefully useful and good luck.

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